This App offers dietary management and nutritional meal recommendations with modules in recipe, nutrition, cooking and diet. Based on big data and cloud computing technology, it helps people to achieve balanced diet, reasonable nutrients intake, calorie balance, amino acid balance, and acid-base equilibrium. In the meantime, this App can also access the ordering system in restaurants so when people order their food, they can also gain nutrition information of different food.

Mobile Client

  1. Users input what they eat for each meal and the App shows relevant nutrition information. After users record more meals, the App can calculate their nutrients intake situation and provide suggestions on how users should adjust their meals to achieve balanced diet.
  2. The App can record physical exercises and energy consumption of each user to support dietary management.
  3. The App provides customized nutritional meal recommendations for users.
  4. Nutrition knowledge search and promotion.


The database records user’s information and process it with big data and cloud computing technology to support dietary management and nutritional meal recommendations.